About project

Period: Sept 2022 – Present (On-going Support)

Client: A to Z Alloys, India

Subject: Development of CRM & Analytics

This Project Involved end to end implementation of Matrysys Business CRM, Sales Purchase Planner & Analytics modules in regular business operations of AtoZ Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Our Task Was

We collected requirements from employees and identified challenges in managing leads and inquiries using separate Excel sheets. Utilizing this information, we implemented a CRM and Sale-Purchase Planner module to consolidate the data under one roof. Now, we offer annual maintenance and support services for A to Z Alloys as well.


While undertaking this digital adoption change management process, here are some macro level steps followed:

  • Problem Identification: We Evaluated existing pain of client of managing multiple excel sheets.
  • Stakeholder involvement: We understood from key stakeholders the exact manual troubles
  • Proof of Concept: We implemented CRM, Sale-Purchase Planner and Analytics on a small scale for the client to test.
  • Training & Change Management : We trained the employees on the new system implemented and collected the feedback.
  • Feedback based Rollout: We Implemented the feedback, allowing refinement.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: After delivery, we continuously monitored the performance for a specific tenure


Here are some facts on the Results of CRM, Sales-Purchase Planner, Analytics Modules

  • Consolidate Database of Inquiries, Quotations,  Customer Lists, Broker Lists.
  • 12 Active Staff using this tool daily.
  • 18% increase in revenue by catering to inquiries effectively.
  • Inquiries > Quotation > Purchase order automated.


Matrysys CRM & Analytics enhanced A to Z Alloys’ efficiency, consolidating data and automating processes. With 12 active users, it led to an 18% revenue increase, streamlining inquiries to purchase orders. Ongoing support ensures sustained success in steel industry digitization.