Product Overview: Matrysys Biz Manager Pro

What is the Need for Matrysys Biz Manager Pro?

Matrysys Biz Manager Pro is indispensable for businesses as it automates the capture of inquiries, quotations, and customer CRM data. 

Users seamlessly transfer inquiries to quotations or sales and customer purchase orders. The standalone Inventory Management module provides real-time In-Stock, Out-Stock, and Current Stock data, complemented by real-time analytics. 

Accessible on any screen, this software ensures streamlined operations, informed decision-making, and efficient inventory management, making it an essential tool for businesses aiming for growth and excellence.

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Salient Features of Matrysys Biz Manager Pro

Comprehensive Tracking

Monitors and analyzes various business aspects, including quotations, inquiries, and purchase orders, providing a holistic view of operations.

Transaction Tracking

Efficiently records all transactions with suppliers and customers, ensuring comprehensive tracking and accuracy.

Centralized Record Keeping

Maintains a centralized database of transactions, preventing oversight and promoting organized record-keeping.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Monitor inventory levels in real time, minimizing the risk of stockouts or overstock situations for efficient supply chain management.

Customer Requirement Management

Businesses can organize and manage customer information, requirements in one centralized platform.

Easy to Use UI

The UI has been designed in such a way that it is quite intuitive and easy to navigate.

Easily transfer Inquiries to Quotations! Share them Automatically via Email & Whatsapp.

With our user-friendly “Transfer” option, seamlessly convert inquiries into quotations within Matrysys CRM. 

The integration with Email and WhatsApp Business Accounts empowers businesses to automate the dispatch of quotations via WhatsApp or email. 

This streamlined process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures prompt and personalized communication, aligning with modern communication preferences and contributing to a more agile and responsive business operation.

Dedicated In-Stock, Out-Stock & Current Stock Pages

Matrysys Inventory Insights offers specialized In-Stock, Out-Stock, and Current Stock Pages, simplifying user analysis of current inventory status. 

Each page features customizable tables with tailored columns, ensuring the convenient viewing of pertinent data even on mobile devices. 

This dedicated approach enhances user experience, providing a comprehensive and accessible platform for real-time inventory monitoring and management, ultimately contributing to informed decision-making for businesses of all scales.

Detailed Information Capturing using Sale and Purchase Order Forms!

Matrysys Sale-Purchase Planner offers versatile, customizable forms that gather comprehensive data on incoming requirements and outgoing order to suppliers. 

These forms feature sections such as supplier details, Category, Requirement Specifications, Payment Terms, and Transportation Details. Our expert team can also tailor forms to meet specific customization needs. 

This ensures businesses capture detailed and relevant information efficiently, adapting the Sale-purchase planner to their unique requirements seamlessly. Elevate your lead management with Matrysys Sale Purchase Planner flexible and expertly tailored forms.

Downloadable Customized Analytical Reports

Matrysys Analytics & Insights seamlessly aggregates data from all software modules. 

Whether businesses require analytical reports on a monthly, weekly, or annual basis, our dedicated team at Matrysys is adept at fulfilling customized needs. 

With a commitment to providing tailored insights, businesses can leverage this feature to gain a deeper understanding of their operations, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning aligned with their specific requirements.

Empowering Task Allocation and Dynamic Quotation Management in a few clicks!

Leveraging Matrysys Business CRM, managers efficiently delegate leads and inquiries to designated team members, ensuring optimal task allocation and resource utilization. 

The platform allows categorization of inquiries and quotations with tags such as Critical, Urgent, or Medium based on priority. Furthermore, users can conveniently revise and resend quotations directly within the CRM. 

The flexibility extends to downloading PDFs, enabling unlimited edits for quotations and inquiries, providing a seamless and customizable experience for streamlined business processes.

Matrysys Solutions’ Motto

In the digital era, effective management tools are not just a convenience but a necessity.