About project

Period: Apr 2023 – June 2023

Client: EnjoyLife Financials, Canada

Subject: Digital Adoption Plan for Finance Company

This Project involved performing industry analysis of the Canadian Financial Market from Digital Lens. It culminated in Matrysys Team giving step by step recommendations for Digital Transformation for Enjoylife.

Our Task Was

The task of the Matrysys team was to conduct an industry analysis of the Canadian Financial Market, focusing on digital aspects. The outcome involved providing Enjoylife with comprehensive step-by-step recommendations for digital transformation based on the findings.


While undertaking this digital adoption change management process, here are some macro level steps followed:

  • Market Analysis: we conducted research with a specific focus on digital trends 
  • Digital Lens Examination: examined technological gaps, emerging trends, and potential areas for digital transformation.
  • Client Collaboration: We collaborated closely with Enjoylife to understand their specific needs, challenges, and aspirations
  • Recommendation Formulation: Matrysys formulated step-by-step recommendations for Enjoylife’s digital transformation journey, providing a clear roadmap for implementation.
  • Presentation and Discussion: We presented our recommendations to Enjoylife, and reworked on the feedback.
  • Implementation Support: We extended our services beyond recommendations, offering ongoing support to Enjoylife during the implementation phase as well.


Here are some facts on the Results Matrysys Digital Consulting services

  • Conducted in depth Industry Analysis and 3 Competitor Analysis.
  • Provided recommendations in form actionable steps.
  • Used Popular Management Consulting models like PESTEL, SWOT, BCG Matrix
  • Supported in the execution of the recommendations too.


Matrysys delivered comprehensive digital consulting for EnjoyLife Financials, conducting in-depth industry analysis and formulating actionable recommendations, implementing popular management consulting models. Successful support in execution ensued.